Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In 3 Months...

... I'll be in Argentina!
We just passed the point where I only have three months left in the United States until I embark on my wonderful journey, and I'm getting more excited and nervous. Of course, I have a ton of great friends who are giving me advice and wishes, so that keeps things cheery.
I'm almost done with all my paperwork. I just have this pesky little financial aid disbursement form to fill out, and OF COURSE the Financial Aid office was closed this afternoon when I was over there. Pesky Fin. Aid workers...
But I did pick out my classes and get that signed off by my advisor and the Dean for College of Arts & Science - Political Science, so that's nice. I'll be getting 18 credits, which I thought I would be awarded 21 because of the extra month of Spanish, but alas I am not. Anyway, I'll be getting 6 credits in Spanish and I then have the pleasure of taking Art History - Contemporary Argentine Art; Anthropology/Latin American Studies - Argentine Culture and Traditions; Political Science/Economics - Latin America in the Context of Globalization (I think it will be my favorite, and it also sounds the nerdiest); and History - 19th and 20th Century Latin America.

So up until my leave date, all I have left to do is .. financial aid, actually pay, pre-departure orientation, and then all that packing mumbo jumbo. And I finally got my first paycheck, so even though it's not a ton, it'll get some of you some very nice Argentine gifts!

And finally, for real this time...
FUN FACT: Avenida 9 de Julio, wandering through the center of the Microcentre (downtown) is the widest street in the world at an imposing sixteen lanes.

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