Monday, September 13, 2010

It's finally beginning to feel like Spring!

Well, first, I’ll have to congratulate my Gamecocks on a fantastic victory over the University of Georgia yesterday! I watched the game on TV at an American sport bar called The Alamo. It’s actually only about 10 blocks from my house, so the fact that I forgot my cellphone and had to walk all the way home and back wasn’t too much of an issue. The bar was cool; it was being worked by a bunch of recent college graduates from the USA who needed jobs and loved Argentina when they studied here. Maybe I’ll be back in 2 years, because at least it’s a job…
Anyway, GO GAMECOCKS! I was a little homesick when they would pan to views of Columbia or the Horseshoe, or just showing the student section, but it wasn’t an overwhelming homesickness because I was enjoying where I was too. It was such a beautiful day, and when it’s nice out my mood and love for the city definitely increase.

When I was walking to and from The Alamo on Saturday, I passed by this beautiful park that has the biggest tree. I really want to climb it, and I think on Friday Jen and I are going to buy some food (Arab, yum!) and walk there for a little picnic, as long as the weather is as nice as it’s supposed to be… We also plan on making next weekend a “touristy Buenos Aires” weekend and going out in a large group and just hitting up a lot of tourist spots. I feel like I haven’t done so many things that I was so interested in doing and seeing because I wanted to be more than just a tourist here. But really, I’m going to give in – tourists and travelers alike should see some of the things that Buenos Aires has to offer, and I’m not ashamed to go all out next weekend.

I have finally started carrying my camera on me again. After a theft or two, I think I started getting overly cautious about things, and then I realized that in my day to day type interactions with people (riding the bus to school and home), I don’t feel in danger and I should carry my camera with me so that I can continue to document this trip for myself, friends, and family. Now my goal is: at least a picture a day! That means only like 83 more pictures to take though… Jen told me today that we’ve officially passed our halfway mark, which absolutely blows my mind.

Jen and I have started planning our latest adventure. This time we’re looking into going to Uruguay for a long weekend – it’s only an hour ferry ride away from here! I think we’re going to go the last weekend of September, so it should be a lot fun (and it will keep my mind off the fact that my friends and family get to enjoy the Durham Fair without me!). There’s a town called Colonia del Sacramento that is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so we’d take a ferry there after classes on Thursday, spend the night, explore during the day, and then take a bus to Montevideo and stay there for two nights. It kind of sounds like Montevideo is a lot like Buenos Aires, but much, much smaller. So hopefully our plans work out, and I’ll let you know my perception when I get back.

Until the next time, I’ll be studying! I have to present my Tango midterm on Tuesday, and then I have two exams on Wednesday (Political and Social Change and Latin American Cultural Studies), and, to round out the week, I’ll be making a presentation in my Gender in Latin America class on Thursday. I already can’t wait for next weekend – I have high expectations that it will be amazing, especially after this upcoming week!

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