Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tigre & a Night Out on the Town

I just thought I'd write a quick little entry while I have a moment before I go to sleep.

Last night I went out with my roommates to a bar and then to a club called Crobar. It's funny because Crobar comes highly recommended/is listed in almost all the travel guides, but I didn't really like it. It's this insanely huge club that can hold like 2,300 people or something. It was crazy. It's just an issue because I'm not a very good dancer, and Argentine men are very forward. So I would be doing the knee bend (thanks Stephanie!) and all of a sudden some Argentine guy would be stroking my hair and trying to get to me to break out of my shell. I'm just not so certain that the over-sized club scene is "my" scene. But I am glad I at least got to see what a 2,300 person club looks like. (Although I am slightly annoyed that I've washed my hair and it continues to smell like smoke...)

Today was obviously the devastating game between Argentina and Germany. I watched at a restaurant with my friends and two girls who have graduated college and come to learn Spanish. They actually don't live too far from me, and we'll be here for about the same length of time, so I'm looking forward to maybe having some new people to spend time with.
Anyway, I watched the game, and I've never seen a restaurant vacate so fast. I'm sure by shortly after halftime everyone knew we didn't have any more of a chance, but people just ditched that place. Of course then I heard someone blowing a horn on the street and instead of it sounding jubilant, it was like a lost elephant looking for it's mother. It was so depressing.

After the game my group of CEA students met at the train station, and we headed into Tigre. I absolutely loved Tigre, and I'm going to try to convince my father that it's a worthy destination to live in. It's an area full of sedimentary islands, so the water looks really dirty, but it just looks like the cutest place to live. There's a grocery store boat that goes dock to dock, and people use boats to commute instead of cars. The only thing I'm not sure I could handle is that fact that they don't really have phone, cable, or internet. But... I could attempt to rough it, right?

This is a picture of the Tigre Mueseum of "Bellas Artes"

And Happy Independence Day, all you USA-ers!

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  1. i just laughed OUT LOUD about the knee bend and picturing you doing it amidst hoards of attractive, smooth-dancing Hispanic men haha