Friday, July 30, 2010

I'll think of a title later.

So I've decided on my final schedule. I decided that I could absolutely not handle history (one of my least favorite topics) in a language that I'm still learning. Especially when the professor was really boring. Instead, I enrolled in Political and Social Change (of Latin America, obviously) which is more up my alley. Even though it's technically history. It just doesn't have that name attached to it. Oh. And it's taught in English. AND (Dad, cover your eyes) my teacher is actually really foxy, but he's totally not my normal type, so no one has to worry about me going for the professor.

Anyway, I'm now taking two classes taught in English (whatever), 2 in Spanish, and then Spanish grammar. I think I'm using Spanish enough (probably not), and if it's any consolation, it feels weird to go into class and hear English spoken.

Today I skipped my Tango class (which was the part where we actually learned to tango) to go to Plaza de Mayo and see the Madres de la Plaza march. They've been marching there for years, every Thursday at 3 demanding that the government help them find out what happened to their children (los desperaciados - the disappeared) during the dictatorship. Nahuel told us that they know they'll never see their children again, but it's important that people continue to come see the mothers (and grandmothers) and that his generation continue to pay attention because when they stop caring, things like that could happen again.
I was actually really disappointed that I wasn't more moved by the scene, like I thought I would be (still, expectations appear). But I think it may be because I was too concerned with taking pictures of the Plaza (my first time there). Or maybe it was because I thought that since it's such a big thing - I heard about the Mothers in every guide book - that it would be a bigger deal. But it appeared to be a bunch of tourists watching these mothers walk around; it's like they were putting on a performance for us, which I know isn't the truth. I'm hoping that maybe after I learn a little more in my non-history and gender classes, I'll be able to go back with a fresh idea mind about what's going on and I'll see it more for what it really signifies than what I saw today.
It did bring up some interesting thoughts about how loved those children are that even now, years after the dictatorship has ended, their mothers and grandmothers still march for them.

After that we went into the Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires, which definitely does not look like a cathedral from the outside. It was really nice on the inside, but I was getting really tired at that point and just wanted food and/or a nap.
Shortly thereafter we went to Cafe Tortoni, which is a famous cafe not far from the Plaza. I enjoyed some churros after waiting in the line. In the cold. Because it was 60 when I went to school today and was like 45 when I came back - we watched the cold settle in while we were at the Plaza.

Tonight I had planned on going out with my friends, but the weather is so awful - crazy storms! - that I decided to stay in and now I'm really tired.

Tomorrow I don't have classes, yay! and instead I am going to buy my own pair of tango shoes. We don't HAVE to have them for our tango class, but if we plan to dance outside of the class, it's suggested that we have them. And tomorrow night I am going to a milonga with Jen to take lessons and then hopefully be able to dance a little. It's going to be a disaster. I think I should go back to the salsa place instead, it seems less complicated. It'll let you all know how it goes! :)


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