Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Most Expensive Textbook...

...tango shoes.
You guys all told me that I should take Tango instead of Argentine Art (for which, I am thankful because my roommate who is in Art was telling me about her reading and I wanted to shoot myself hearing the summary, so really.. here's a begrudging thank you. You're right), and so I bought my most expensive textbook - my new tango shoes. They're grey and quite pretty, but definitely not that hottest deal around (imagine: lime green heels with pink trim, rawr!).
I bought them on Friday - I love 4 day weeks - and then went to a tango class taught by the best friend of Jen's homestay mom. AKA a complete stranger to me. BUT he happens to model on the side, and I completely understand why and was a giddy schoolgirl all night, until the actual dancing started.
Originally I thought that I would prefer learning the salsa over the tango because the tango is very technical and, to me, not as much fun to watch as something with a lot of energy. However, I liked learning the tango more than the salsa, and it took me a little bit longer to completely give up on myself! Which I did, of course, because I just want to be really good at something without trying and haven't found that yet (except, in general, school), so I was frustrated, and then I was more frustrated for being frustrated. You know, the downward cycle of Caroline's mentality...
Anywho, I decided that I would just have to do it two days in a row, so I went again last night. To a different place that was MORE crowded, but also offered many more dance partners, so I actually got to dance with a boy instead of pretending to BE a boy and dancing with Jen. It was really cool, and afterwards they have a milonga and everyone can watch the dancers/get invited to dance (if the proper eye contact is made).
I'm really excited that I've listened to everyone and decided to do this, and hopefully during the finality of my four months here (oh God, I only have 4 left! :( ) I will become good enough to enjoy it more than I do right now. It was really fun dancing with a partner last night, especially one who was so sweet about my crappy Spanish and even worse dancing skills - note: it's hard to learn a new dance and speak a foreign language at the same time. And I definitely liked going to the classes more than I liked going to some tourist trap boliche (club) and having Argentine men try to make out with me upon entering the room - sorry if that's your deal, but it's definitely not mine. There are only so many punches I can give before my knuckles start hurting...

Anyway, today I, of course, went back to the cemetery and back to the Feria here in Recoleta, but this time I took my nice camera that my dad got me as a gift! You should check facebook because I put the pictures up there, and this thing takes like an hour to load a picture onto my blog, which is why it's not a common sight (not for lack of trying). I'm so glad that I finally took it out, and I'm going to start taking it out more, I just need to be really aware of my surroundings to not have it jacked.
Actually, here's the link to the facebook album. The last hundred-or-so pictures are from today:

And my final topic ... whoever decided that me taking classes in a foreign language was a good idea has a lot more faith in me than I do in myself at this particular moment. Translating scholarly readings from Spanish to English and understanding their actual meaning is a bit difficult. And it really takes a while when you're looking up like every other word. I'm sure as the classes continue, it will become easier, but it was pretty frustrating earlier today, and I'm only halfway done...

Now, really, last note:
I know I chose to be here, and I know I picked this time. But there are still days that I wish I was at home to be with people or more easily communicate with them when there are important things going on. So, to my friends and family who read this, you are constantly on my mind and in my thoughts. I love you so much, and I wish I was able to be there with you, but unfortunately I am not. I know you're all strong, beautiful people (which is why we're friends), but if you ever need an ear or a metaphorical shoulder to cry on, I'm only a skype call away. I would love to be there for you from 5000+ miles away (and I know you would/will do the same for me).

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