Sunday, August 29, 2010

Aquí hay amor

¡Hola chicos! ¿Qué tal?

Haha, I know I just recently updated, but I wanted to let everyone know that I've now had my BEST day in Argentina. So far.
Yesterday was quite simple, I hung around my house, read, ate, got a new roommate, la la la. And I planned to go to tango with Jen, her new roommate Roxanne, and another CEA student, Michelle. Roxanne and Michelle are SO cool, and I think that they are already having a good time in Argentina, and I'm so happy that they've joined us for activities in these first few days.
Anyway, we went to a tango class. Jen and I took the intermediate class instead of beginners, because they always just teach the first few steps, and I had so much fun! I danced with probably 4 or 5 different guys because with each new step, we switched it up! Some were much nicer than others, and some were much better than others, but I had such a good time at this class. It definitely tells me that I need to make a weekly thing again and I can't skip a few weeks like I'd been doing. But I invited my new friend (from International Night at Belgrano) too, but as a typical porteño, he didn't show up on time. He just waited until after the class, and we got in his car (don't worry - it was safe! 4 against 2, haha) and went to find a restaurant because I hadn't eaten much and just really needed a meal in my stomach. Jen and I really wanted to find this Mexican restaurant that we had gone to once with this AMAZING ice cream, but couldn't. Instead we ended up at this smaller "Mexican" restaurant, and I loved it. Haha. I think it's probably that we were all just being a little bit crazy, but I seriously had a good time. And I talked to our waiter after because he wanted to know where we were from, and he's from Colombia, so we talked about the difference in food and accents in language really briefly. It made me feel pretty good about my Spanish that I was comfortable talking to him - probably because he already knew that I was a foreigner here to learn Spanish, but it's experiences like that which will make my trip more enjoyable and worthwhile (especially when I come back and I rock out my Spanish at our Americanized Mexican restaurants or can use to volunteer around Columbia, SC with the Hispanic community).
After that we headed to a club that was "nearby," lies! Haha. We went to a club that's actually only 4 blocks from my homestay, and I was really shocked because I didn't think there was much outside of some bars and a lot of nice restaurants near where I lived. Anyway, this club was SO awesome. It was really nothing special, but it was full of Argentines and we were the only foreigners there! All the other places I've been have been FILLED with foreigners, so this was a more legitimate Argentine experience. It was also funny because we ended up kind of crashing a group who was celebrating a girl's birthday, and after singing to her in Spanish, we sang to her in English and she got to dance on a table an entire second time! Haha. I think she enjoyed that. But I also met a bunch of guys who thought I was just from a different city in Argentina (woo for blending in!) and when I told them I was from the USA it took them a few minutes to believe me. But after that they were all excited and wanted to talk about the US and Argentina. One of the kids had really good English and told me he didn't study it, but he really likes movies, so he learns it by watching movies. I was impressed. Anyway, these guys seemed to really enjoy my presence because anytime that I was near them they would shout (quite loudly) "¡¡CAROLINAAA!!" Haha. It was awesome.

I didn't leave the club until 5:30 and everyone was still going, except us - poor Americans! I was quite exhausted from my Argentine night, and I got home, and fell fast asleep. I woke up this morning smelling like an ashtray, of course, but things could have been worse. Now I'm going to go listen to my new favorite song (Mi Niña Bonita by Chino & Nacho, they played it at the club along with YMCA, Like a Virgin, and other odd assortments of American favorites. Including Argentina's favorite American song.. "I've Got a Feeling" by the Black Eyes Peas. Haha, it came on and everyone cheered).

Really. Homework time!
Chau chau! Besos!

P.S. Less than 100 days until I come home. :( / :) I'm sure you all understand the mood swing thing...

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