Sunday, August 22, 2010


I should be doing my homework, but I thought I'd just blog really quick about my day and how, although it was just a normal day, it felt like like the best day ever.

Today I went to a birthday party. For an 85 year old! His name is Tolo, and he is from Spain, but immigrated here more than 50 years ago (I interviewed him and his wife for a presentation on immigration in my Culture class). Anyway, him and his wife take in CEA study abroad students, so they used to house my friend Lauren. That's how I first met them. BUT they're also the tia y tio (aunt and uncle) of my friend Jen's homestay mom. So, when it was birthday time coming up, Maria (Tolo's wife) invited me and Jen - Jen because she's "family" and me because I'm "adopted family." It was such a sweet invitation, and I was so excited. Maria and Tolo are SUCH loving people, and I was really excited when they called Jen and told us a date and time.
Yesterday, Jen and I went out and bought a box of chocolates for Tolo (they're called bon-bons here, haha) and a potted flower for Maria. And today was the party! It was me and Jen, Jen's homestay family (a mom and her two sons - who promptly left for a futbol match!), Maria's sister, and a nephew and his future wife (they're getting married in October - it's the event of the year for the family!), and of course Maria and Tolo. I think that I could have felt really awkward being there because it was such a family affair, but I felt at home. Maria and Tolo loved their presents, and the food was delicious. The typical conversation began about futbol because the two boys were getting ready to go to the game, and they root for opposing teams! And quickly switches to politics. It literally was a party out of a book! Everyone welcoming and happy to see us there, even though they didn't know me.
Also, the weather today was marvelous! 70-ish and sunny with a slight breeze. It's funny that on the bus, with the window open, I closed my eyes, breathed in and thought I smelled home, but really I was still in the city.

I'm still amazed that I've already been here for 2 months, and I'm amazed that there are times that I really actually feel like I'm "home." I know when I get back to the United States (in 106 days!) I'll wonder how a place so different could feel like home to me, but for now it does. And I'm glad that I had a day of such comfort. It will be one of the highlights I have to remember about my time here in Argentina; of that, I am certain.


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