Monday, August 9, 2010

I am driving 85 in the kind of morning that lasts all afternoon...

... name that song.
So, more than a week has passed, like I said I wouldn't let happen, but that's okay, I guess. I'm really into John Mayer right now (when am I not into John Mayer?) because I know I missed his CT (homecoming) concert on Saturday night. Even though I saw him twice already this year, it just made me kind of homesick to know that I wasn't there while my friends were together and having fun, as always.
To top it off, I was also robbed. Again. It's good that I've been robbed before, I guess, because I know not to carry a lot of things on me anymore, but it's still stressful and very inconvenient. Jen and I went to tango classes, as usual, and we checked my purse and her coat. Inside my purse was my coat, both our pairs of shoes, some of her money, our cell phones, and her house keys. My house keys, iPhone, laptop, and credit card were all conveniently at her house. The place that we were at treated us really nicely and reimbursed us for what was in my bag when it was stolen. But we still had a heck of night because Jen couldn't get into her house with her homestay Mom not home, and my keys were in her house. So we came back to my homestay and I had to wake my family up by ringing the doorbell. I never expected Pipa and Jen would meet, and especially not under these circumstances... Jen stayed at my house until her homestay Mom got home, and then all was okay with the world.
We now have new coats and cellphones (8 weeks, 3 phones...), and I know it sounds like not a big deal, but it felt like it - especially at the time. Already it's something that I can look back on and say it's not that horrible, but I think that's because I have all my necessary items again.
It just really sucks because our bag was in a "safe" place, and was still taken. I now have this sense like no matter what I do, I'm never safe. So I've really been missing home for the past few days because there's so much security when I'm in my house or on campus. When I watch too much Criminal Minds and I think there's someone lurking in the basement, there's (usually) not. But here, when I get the feeling like someone is watching me too closely or whatever, I really have to heed that sense and get myself out of that situation.

My asthma was really bothering me this past weekend, possibly because of humidity, but who really knows, and at one point I couldn't find my open inhaler - so I dug out my new one instead. And in the bag with my medicine, I found a card from my mom that I hadn't seen yet! I was so happy because I had really been wanting to talk to her and get comforted about all of these things happening to me, and it was like my mom was there with me knowing that I needed a little love from her. :) Thanks, Mom!

This weekend I'm going to Iguazu Falls with CEA, and I'm glad that it's this weekend so I can get out of the city (again) and get my mind off of how I've been feeling lately. I think it's going to be spectacular, and I'm going to talk with our staff members tomorrow about bringing my new camera. Originally I thought it was fine because we're in a group in a hotel, but now I'm not so sure that I think it's a good idea because having that stolen would break my heart.

That's about all. I'm just going to class every day like a good little girl, even though I think my classes are all pretty boring at this moment. It's really lame, but I think that with time they'll all start to get more interesting.

So, until next week, chau!

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