Saturday, August 28, 2010

On Argentine Men and New Roommates

This week has been quite calm. I returned to school on Monday after being out sick, and found out that I had a paper due that day or Wednesday. So, Monday and Tuesday I did a lot of reading that I had slacked on and wrote my paper - it wasn't long, and was in English, but my BS-ing skills had taken a nap for a few months and weren't ready for a surprise paper. Other than that my school week was quite tame, but we are quickly approaching my midterm time, and so I know I'll have a lot of work coming up soon.
I've also been reading a lot because my friend Jen began a new series (trashy, yet addictive, vampire novels), and then passed them on to me. Much of my time in the past week has been consumed with these books.

Anyway, yesterday a new shipment of CEA students arrived! There are two class/program types: One group is doing 3 months of just Spanish at the University of Belgrano (where I go), and the other group is a new program called Global Campus that takes classes all in English on the humanities subjects, but they stay together and don't go to the University of Belgrano. Last night the University of Belgrano had "International Night," which I made a USA slideshow with pictures students have taken, and I got to meet a lot of new CEA students. I'm so excited for new people to be here, and I hope they all enjoy their time.
I also bumped into a boy that I had met in like.. my second week here. When I was watching World Cup games with Nahuel, there was a group of boys there, so I've met him but didn't know anything about him. Anyway, he confessed his love me and apparently it's "true love" and he's not quite sure what to do without me. Also, (note: boys, this one clearly works well) he told me that my eyes were like a piece of Heaven had fallen from the sky. Hahahaha. Actually, he's quite adorable unlike some other sketchy people I've met (i.e. guy from this bar on Friday night. His friends were cool, but I got stuck with the sketchy one. He was SO into himself. I hate that).

And, just 2 hours ago, I got a new roommate! Her name is Caitlin, she's from California (like the majority of students here), and so far she's super sweet! I'm so excited to have another roommate, and I feel so good about myself for being able to explain things to her now that I've been here for two months. Her family was with her because they were vacationing together and her Mom seemed really happy to know she had an American roommate who know how some things worked around here. :) It just proves how far I've come...

Anyway, I'm going to go back to my trashy vampire novels. Later tonight I think I'm going to tango lessons, which I haven't gone to in a few weeks - so we'll see how good I am now...

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